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Hello :)

Could someone send me a note ??

I Love to meet the people here ^^
Wankers-Cramp Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
I really don't get this group, there's already to many nations. Funny how people want to focus on things which separate us instead on focusing on things that bring us together. But since everyone wants to separate, I think I'll declare my house an independent nation.
Nabium Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
that's rubbish. my country has only been independent for about 100 years, but in those hundred years we've grown closer to our neighbors and co-operate a lot better. ONLY the british can be arrogant enough to push it's neighbors away(note: Ireland). but you're wrong, independence doesn't separate, in Scandinavia it has brought us closer because we respect each other as equals. and it enforce democracy; the smaller a democratic state is, the more the citizens feels they can contribute. just look at how well small nations like New Zealand, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries are doing - small is better. and then look at how few people vote in big nations like France and Britain.

so free Scotland, free Wales, free Isle of Man, and free Principality of Sealand
Wankers-Cramp Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Really? Sealand? a small fort in the sea. In that case we should all declare our houses as independent nations. But let's see, Britain, 6th riches (and fastest growing western nation) Has a permanent seat on the UN security council, is the most powerful nation (as regard to soft power), has a powerful and extremely advanced military, has immense diplomatic power, heads the Commonwealth of Nations. Then let's all just split apart because our neighbours like two sugar's in their tea instead of one. In that respect then Greenland should get total independence.

Anyway, Scotland voted no, so balls to that I guess. Small may be cozy but it also dooms you to political obscurity and stagnation. I don't see how we have pushed Ireland away, if you are talking about Northern Ireland then it's best to read up on the Anglo-Irish Treaty.
Nabium Featured By Owner 6 days ago
You took my Sealand comment serious? Isn't the British supposed to have such a developed sense of humour? :P

As for the Greenland Independence, I couldn't agree more. I think we've got different values. Why are you so obsessed with power? Shouldn't you value other things first? You've had one year of better economic development, hallelujah. I think you'll find that according to the World Bank in the last ten years however Norway has had a bigger growth.

In Global Peace Index you're ranked 47th (…, in the Human Development Index you're ranked 14th (…, Gender Inequality Index you're ranked 14th (…, Human Development Index you're ranked 14th (…, World Bank Gini-Index(income distribution) 54th (…, Happiest Nation Index 16th (…, Quality of Life Index 26th (…, Social Progress Index 13th (…

If you take a look at all those Indexes, I think you'll find that smaller nations like New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, Sweden are on top positions every time. I'm pretty sure that England, Wales and Scotland would do a lot better on their own, at least on the lists presented above.

Perhaps you wouldn't be as powerful. But if power is the ultimate goal then you shouldn't have let go of all your colonies in Africa and Asia. I doubt that would have been a success story btw, just look at what's still going on in Israel after your brilliant little political experiment, or in Syria and Iraq after you guys decided you knew where to draw national borders.

As for the Scottish Independence debate, I watched it and I wasn't impressed by all the fear mongering.

And it's not Northern Ireland I was thinking about, it's that every time I meet someone from Ireland they always seems to hate the Brits. I don't know what you guys have done to them, but it sure must have been bad.
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